Day Camp

Nearly all dogs benefit from a weekly visit to the country to stretch their legs and hang with friends. Our subscription based day camp program can help with socialization, mental stimulation, regular exercise, basic manners and boundaries reinforcement.

We firmly believe that all dogs benefit from every chance possible to exercise and reinforce their etiquette skills.

While attending day camp your dog will spend a majority of their day free range in a structured group setting exploring our property. Our acres of playground are fully fenced with 6 foot fencing and routine perimeter checks.

Your dogs will love all the sights and smells they find while exploring our rolling fields and rousing woodland trails.  

 In order to ensure proper monitoring and a overall positive experience for every pup, we limit our group sizes and always have direct supervision of all dogs within our care at all times.  

We strive for a balanced approach with our care and try to exercise your dog both physically and mentally during their time with us. In addition to the physical exercise received during our daily hikes, we are constantly working with our guests on their basic manners such as recall, sit, down, wait, etc. 

We do have three scheduled one hour breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and will also build in smaller rest periods throughout the day. The frequency and length of these breaks depends on the dynamic of guests on any particular day.

We firmly believe it is unnatural and unhealthy for dogs to play non-stop for hours at a time and that these rest periods are an essential way to manage and help your dog develop coping mechanisms for the over-excitement that inherently comes with a visit to our ranch.