Our guests stay in a converted garage attached to our private home.  We call it 'The Dogitorium'.


The Dogitorium is designed with the dogs' comfort and safety as the primary concern while also trying to preserve a "real home" feel with comfy leather couches and area rugs. 

We passionately believe in our free range philosophy.  Our spacious 5x5 individual bunks are only used for feeding times, rest periods if absolutely necessary for group cohesion during the day and overnight for sleeping.

Our boarding dogs enjoy all the fun of day camp at no extra charge during their stay as well! Guests have all day supervised group exploration of our property. 

At night we run a white noise machine to keep everyone as calm and comfortable as possible and most pups sleep just fine after an exciting day exploring. Being a home-based facility, if one of our guests is having a hard time overnight, we are a monitor system away and always available for extra snuggles and attention.